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In the event you believe your sleep set contains a defect, please review the information below, and contact the retail location in which you made the original purchase. The retail location will aide you in filing a claim with the manufacturer.

All mattress manufacturers reserve the right to refuse service and void the warranty if the product is found stained or shows abuse or damage through accident or neglect. In order to ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid, make sure that your bedding is never stained or soiled in any way. No bedding which is stained will be picked up/exchanged by Metro Mattress.

Your Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty protects you from defects in your new sleep set. However, manufacturer’s limited warranties do not guarantee durability or protection against the normal deterioration of your sleep set due to natural wear and tear. Very few products offer limited warranties as extensive as those offered in the mattress industry. The major reason the mattress industry offers such great warranty coverage is due to the fact that mattresses tend to be very well designed and manufactured products. The majority of Manufacturer Limited Warranties on mattress sets protect the consumer against a flaw or failure in the design, construction or materials used in a new sleep set.

Click here to download Metro Mattress Customer Pre-Inspection Instructions (pdf).

These instructions will help you collect all of the pertinent information you may need to file a warranty claim.


KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL RECEIPT AND WARRANTY CARD! You will need both documents to properly file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. Failure to produce the original Itemized Proof of Purchase may result in the denial of warranty coverage by the manufacturer. Under the terms of Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, customer is only entitled to the repair or replacement of defective product. Refund requests will not be considered. See Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty for further details.

Metro Mattress grants or implies NO warranty of performance on any product. All warranties provided, if any, are manufacturer’s warranties. Manufacturer Warranty paperwork is included in the packaging of the product. In the event that a warranty claim on your product is necessary, Metro Mattress will arrange for the In-Home Assessment of the product which may include measurements, descriptions, and/or photographs as deemed appropriate under the terms of the manufacturer’s limited warranty. All decisions concerning warranty claims are made solely by the manufacturer. This includes the validity of the claim, and any subsequent offerings thereafter. Metro Mattress will only perform an exchange for defective products with the written consent of the manufacturer.

Service and transportation fees are not included in the terms of the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Metro Mattress requires a delivery fee for the exchange of any approved warranty claim made 60 days after the original date of delivery. Delivery charge shall be based on the current delivery fee and is subject to change at any time. Merchandise sold “As-Is” is NOT eligible for warranty coverage under the terms of the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. *Please Note: Metro Mattress does NOT perform service for any adjustable bed bases. All service issues on adjustable bases are resolved directly through the manufacturer.

IMPORTANT: Pursuant to the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, ANY spot or stain on your bedding will VOID the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. For health and safety reasons, the MANUFACTURER reserves the right to deny any and all coverage on these products. See Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty for complete details.


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