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Bedding For People Who Like Being Awake

Maximize airflow and allow your body to naturally regulate its temperature
with instant-cooling and moisture-wicking sleep products.

Smart Bedding for Smart Homes: Your home is ready for the future – why
shouldn’t you be, too?

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Find Your Fit

Align your spine and remain temperature-neutral or cool on a pillow
that’s fit just for you.

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Airflow Certified

Our innovative products are designed to ensure continuous airflow and
maximum breathability.

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Moisture Wicking

Reduce heat and stay sweat free. Our products are designed to fight
humidity, ensuring a comfortable dry sleep environment.

Meet The Sleep System That’s Engineered To Invigorate

Experts at innovation, we’ve created a unique line of inspirational
Performance® Bedding products that maximize airflow, wick away moisture
and dissipate heat to help your body naturally regulate its temperature.

Performance Pillows

Our pillows are built to help you balance your temperature and are
offered in different heights for a personalized fit.


Performance Sheets

Lightweight sheets promote airflow to help maintain your ideal sleep


Performance Protectors

Our breathable mattress protectors are designed with a noiseless
waterproof barrier to help you sleep clean, healthy and comfortable
throughout the night.


Tired Is A Waste Of Time

That’s why we make Performance® Bedding, so you wake up ready. Your bed
becomes a major player in the way you live your life, so we set out to
develop products that are ready to meet that challenge.



“These are some of the best mattress protectors in the industry. They
keep me dry and free of stains. I got one for each bed in my house and
my mattresses look like new after a long time of uses.”

-Javier, New Jersey

“I fell asleep almost immediately and woke up the next morning
refreshed and pain free. I’ve always been looking for a pillow that
keeps me cool and supported all night. My search is over.”

–Linda, Florida

“I am an extremely hot sleeper. My sweating stopped when I covered my
bed with BEDGEAR! I own the sheets, pillows and mattress protector and
I couldn’t be happier! You have changed everything I ever knew about
sleeping comfortably.”

-Gord, Canada