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Bed Dimensions Guide

Looking for a new mattress but aren’t sure what size is right for you? Discover all the benefits and factors of choosing the right mattress size for you. From your comfort and space requirements to the price difference and more. After you’ve found the perfect size mattress for your needs, shop new mattresses by size at Metro Mattress. We offer numerous top brands in a wide variety of sizes for the whole family.

twin mattress dimensions

Twin Mattress

38” X 75”

Twin size mattresses are perfect for a compact space and smaller individual. At just 38” X 75”, they are the perfect mattress for single sleepers under six feet. So whether you are looking for a good starter mattress for a child’s room, have a small guest bedroom, or are in a tight studio apartment, a Twin mattress offers all the great comfort a single sleeper needs just in a smaller footprint.

twin xl mattress dimensions

Twin XL Mattress

38" X 80"

Twin XL mattresses are great for taller individuals and can be found in most college dorms. They feature the same width as a regular Twin mattress just with an additional five inches of length! These can fit in most of the same square footage as a Twin mattress and are priced similarly.

full size mattress dimensions

Full Mattress

54" X 75"

Looking for a little extra width to stretch out your arms or sleep with a partner or pet? Full size mattresses are great for individuals working with smaller square footage! At just 54” X 75”, Full size mattresses can fit in most standard bedrooms and guest rooms. For their price, Full mattresses offer great bang for your buck and are a great transition mattress for young children and young adults.

queen size mattress dimensions

Queen Mattress

60" X 80"

Since Queen size mattresses are the most commonly purchased, they offer a lot of space, comfort, and variety for their price. Whereas smaller mattresses often don’t offer the same large selection of material and technology by brands, Queen size mattresses are a great entry model for adults looking to purchase their first mattress and open the door to more bedroom furnishing options.

king size mattress dimensions

King Mattress

76" x 80"

When it comes to premium space and comfort, King size mattresses are ideal for families or couples. Whether you’re looking for more sleeping space, room for children, or all your furry friends, King sized mattresses are the largest mattress size by US standard manufacturing. Before buying a King size mattress, it’s important to measure out your room with all your furniture to ensure you have the required space.

california king size mattress dimensions

California King Mattress

72" x 84"

King size mattresses may offer more shoulder room, but a California King mattress offers more legroom. This makes California King mattresses ideal for taller people or for pets who like to sleep by your feet. Enjoy an extra 4” of length and lose 4” in width in comparison to a standard King size bed. This difference in size helps make the California King fit better into smaller spaces than a standard King.

Mattress Size FAQs

What is the most popular mattress size?

A Queen size mattress is the most popular due to its reasonable price, size, and comfort level. Queen size mattresses also offer a wider variety of bedroom furniture and bed sheet set options than other size mattresses.

Are full size mattresses big enough for two people?

Depending on your sleeping habits, body type, and comfort needs, Full size mattresses can fit two people.

What are “single” size mattresses?

A single mattress is also known as a twin mattress, both are 38″ by 75″ and are perfect for a single sleeper.

Are full beds and double beds the same size?

Yes, both names represent the same mattress size and are 54″ by 74″.

Are double beds twice the size of twin beds?

No, double or full-size mattresses are 16″ wider than twin size mattresses and are of similar length.

What is the difference between a King and California King mattress?

A King mattress is 4″ wider than a California King, while a California King is 4″ longer than a King mattress.

How are mattresses measured?

Mattresses are measured from head to foot for the length and from side to side for the width. The depth of a mattress may be important to know as well and can vary from brand to brand depending on the materials used and whether you need a box spring.