Metro Mattress Bed Frames, Adjustable Bases, & Box Foundations Guide


After you’ve found the perfect mattress for you, the next step is choose what you want to put it on. Discover all your options, whether you’re interested in a traditional bed frames, customizable adjustable bases, or box foundations. Each offers different benefits that include everything from price range and convenience to selection size and health benefits.

Bed Frames

Bed frames are the most affordable and accessible options. This structure allows you to put your mattress on a sturdy frame. While metal is the most common and affordable, wood options are also available. These frames are also the simplest to assemble, move, and store.

Depending on your desired height, mattress, or space, most bed frames can easily be used with or without a box spring and come in a variety of styles. Also unlike an adjustable base, bed frames can be used with any mattress. So if you’re interested in expressing yourself and don’t want to break the bank, a bed frame may be right for you.

Whether you’re interested in just getting a base and potentially adding a separate headboard later. Or maybe you’re looking for a specific style or aren’t sure, we’re here to help you with all your mattress accessory needs.

Adjustable Bases

Adjustable base technology has advanced significantly. Read in bed. Watch TV. Choose a different setting from your partner. Alleviate back pain and muscle aches. Get better support. Stop snoring. Defeat acid reflux. Alleviate leg cramps and enjoy nearly unlimited comfort options at the touch of a button with a Metro Mattress adjustable base. Typical features of an adjustable power bed base include:

  • Raise and lower the head
  • Raise and lower the feet
  • Pillow Tilt
  • Massage
  • Memory Settings
  • One-Touch Flat Button
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • USB ports
  • Under Bed Lighting

Adjustable Bed Bases inspire relaxation and rejuvenation and are the ideal centerpiece for your customized bedroom haven. With the touch of a button, your bed adapts to whatever position you desire, effortlessly increasing your comfort. Adjustable beds are recognized as one of the best ways to get a comfortable night’s sleep. A king or queen split is the ultimate in personal adjustment bliss! Get separate controls for independent adjustment from your sleeping partner. No more waking up from their movements! As for health benefits, Adjustable Bed Bases can help:

  • Reduce swelling and joint pain.
  • Alleviate back pain and improve sleep apnea symptoms.
  • Reduce asthma flare-ups and improve digestion.
  • Improves blood circulation and helps with heart issues.
  • Increases accessibility and reduces discomfort associated with pregnancy.
  • Box Foundations

    Foundations are a relatively affordable option and offer a large selection to choose from. From easily assembled foldable metal platform bed bases and lower foundation models to an array of foundation height and available built-in storage options.

    A foundation will generally utilize a metal or wooden bed base with slats across its top. You can adjust the spacing to help add a firmer or softer comfort level. Less space between your foundation’s slats are recommended to add support and less motion when adjusting in your bed.

    Unlike adjustable bases, foundations are compatible with just about every type of mattress available at Metro Mattress. They are also generally lighter, making them easier to move or store if necessary. Their supportive structure also helps keep your mattress from sagging which could damage its lifespan and impact your sleep negatively.

    Bed Frames Adjustable Bases Box Foundations
    Price $60 - $200 $450 - $2,600 $100 - $1100
    Mattress Types All Some All
    Weight Light Heavy Medium
    Structure Not Adjustable Adjustable Some Adjustable Slats


    What’s the difference between a foundation and a bed frame?

    A mattress sits inside a bed frame whereas a mattress sits on top of a foundation.

    How expensive are bed frames?

    Bed frames available at Metro Mattress are from $60 to $200.

    How expensive are adjustable bases?

    Adjustable bases at ​​Metro Mattress are from $450 to $2,600.

    How expensive are box foundations?

    Box foundations available at Metro Mattress are from $100 to $1100.

    What is an adjustable base?

    An adjustable base has the ability to lift the head and/or foot of the mattress between 40 and 70 degrees.

    Do adjustable bases require a bed frame?

    All adjustable bases at Metro Mattress are free-standing with legs, including some with adjustable leg heights.  Adjustable bases can also be placed on a bed that has headboard, footboard, and frame rails.

    What benefits do adjustable bases offer?

    Adjustable bases allow you to customize your sleeping position which can help alleviate sinus issues, acid reflux, snoring, and more.

    What type of features are available with adjustable bases?

    Some adjustable bases offer remote controls, memory positions, massage features, and different sleep settings for each side in some bases.

    Can you use any mattress with an adjustable base?

    Most memory foam, latex foam, and traditional innerspring mattresses are generally compatible.

    Bed Frames & Foundations Guide