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Dura-Last Mattresses at Metro Mattress

At Metro Mattress, we offer the Dura-Last Collection by Spring Air. Dura-Last mattresses are designed to be durable and supportive, for every body type. Crafted to provide exceptional back support, pressure-relieving comfort, and long-lasting durability, Dura-Last mattresses are crafted to provide restorative sleep unlike ever before while using ultra-durable materials. Discover which mattress would be best for you with our Mattress Comfort Scale, and see which size will best fit your space with our Mattress Size Chart. If you have any questions, contact the sleep experts at Metro Mattress or review our Mattress Buyers Guide.

Why Dura-Last by Spring Air?

For nearly 100 years, Spring Air mattresses have been improving sleep quality. Since 1926 Spring Air has been devoted to producing quality mattresses that feature innovative designs, at affordable prices. The newest Spring Air mattress innovation is the Dura-Last mattress collection, a mattress that couples comfort with durability. Unlike other mattress offerings, Dura-Last mattresses are designed to offer any sleeper of any size a comfortable and long-lasting mattress.


Featuring the heaviest coils, densest foams, and strongest foundations, Dura-Last mattresses are crafted with a focus on durability and longevity. Designed with cool-to-the-touch fabrics and copper-infused memory foam, the Dura-Last collection is comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting. Whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, the Dura-Last mattresses come in firm and pillow-top comfort levels, so every sleeper can achieve the comfort they need.

Dura-Last FAQs

How much do Dura-Last Spring Air mattresses cost?

Dura-Last mattresses range from $1,799.99 to $2,999.99 depending on the size, and comfort level.

Why choose Dura-Last by Spring Air?

Spring Air mattresses boast an innovative design and have paved the way for mattress design since 1926. With the Dura-Last mattress collection being the latest innovation of Spring Air, you can rest assured knowing the long history and experience in mattress design is reflected through this collection. Unlike other mattress offerings, Dura-Last mattresses are designed to offer any sleeper of any size a comfortable and long-lasting mattress.

Where are Dura-Last mattresses made?

The Dura-Last mattress collection is made at factories across the United States!

Are Dura-Last mattresses durable?

Yes, Dura-Last mattresses are designed specifically for durability. This ultra-durable mattress collection uses the most durable components and materials to offer comfort and longevity.

What if I do not like my Dura Last mattress?

When you buy a mattress from Metro Mattress, you will have a 30-day comfort exchange guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied with your mattress purchase, you can exchange it for one that better suits your needs.

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