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Bedding for people who like being awake

Get 100% of your comfort with a Performance® Sleep system that fits your unique sleep style. BEDGEAR® patented fabric technologies enhance air flow, allowing your body to achieve optimal temperature regulation.

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Refreshing Cool
Touch Fabric

Moves excess body heat away while remaining cool throughout the night. Maintain optimal sleep temperatures for a good night's rest.

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Wicking Fabric

Wicks away moisture to help you sleep cool and dry. Reducing heat trapped next to your body creates a restful night.

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3D fabric structure enhances air flow, ventilating warm air from the core of your pillow to ensure optimal recovery.

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Blend of 100% natural fibers provides a smooth touch. Offers a fast and easy wash and dry with a unique fabric construction.

A Performance® sleep system, engineered to invigorate

Bedgear Performance Pillows

Performance® Pillows

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Stay comfortable and aligned on a pillow fit for you.

"I cannot say enough how much I'm loving my new Rain 3.0 pillow... Thank you again BEDGEAR! I haven't slept this comfortable and soundly in years."

- M., New York

Bedgear Performance Protectors

Performance® Protectors

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Ideal for any mattress or power base, our revolutionary protectors help you sleep cool, dry and clean throughout the night.

Your bed is a launchpad for daily domination.

Bedgear Performance Sheets

Performance® Sheets

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Lightweight sheets promote air flow to help maintain your ideal sleep temperature.

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